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Fort Lupton High School April Monthly Newsletter

We all know that Fort Lupton is a wonderful place to live and work. Fort Lupton High School is a wonderful place because of the people who work so hard to make it a great place for our kids. It is important that we recognize these champions for our community and our kids. This month I want to introduce you to Scott Raedeke and Bobby Reyes two of the dedicated staff members who make a difference for our students, staff and community every day.

Scott Raedeke

Our students are so lucky to have Scott Raedeke here at Fort Lupton High School. After Scott graduated from Lutheran University he pursued a very challenging and diverse work experience.  This experience included working as an advertising executive for the Tree Top apple juice company where he handled the marketing process for radio and TV. After a successful run at Tree Top he joined the Microsoft team in 1991 where he headed their product marketing as well as helping them develop their first website. After Microsoft, Scott continued to stretch as a professional and became a consultant for the company that started the board game called Cranium. This game became extraordinary successful in a very short period of time and Scott was a big part of that success.

After prodding by some friends and colleagues to become a teacher Scott decided that he wanted to explore the teaching profession and taught coding and web design. After that experience, Scott started teaching robotics and electronics just before he came to teach at Fort Lupton High School. Our students now have the opportunity to learn the Principles of Engineering from a man with an incredible background in engineering, marketing and business. Scott is also supporting a robotics team that has already started to compete around the state. The robotics program will grow exponentially over the next few years thanks to his expertise and commitment to the students. Finally, Scott has stepped up to support the new Career Explorer Program where he supports students who are going to engage their career while in high school. We are blessed to have a teacher with Scott’s skill set and commitment to our students! If you are ever a part of a school tour you will enjoy your time with Scott as he walks you through the educational world that your children will experience. Fort Lupton is a great place for kids, in part, because of Scott Raedeke.

Bobby Reyes

I first heard about Bobby from a variety of staff who talked about the legend of Bobby Reyes, the former Head Custodian for FLHS, and the impact he had on FLHS and the community. Bobby actually retired in 2017 and as the new Principal for FLHS I had not met Bobby personally nor did I think I would as he had retired. Fortunately for me and the school, Bobby decided to come out of retirement to support the high school. I have now had the opportunity to work with Bobby and learned what makes him such an amazing asset to our school and community.

Bobby graduated from FLHS in 1973 and gave back to our country by serving in the Army as a combat engineer. Bobby served most of his time in Germany and even though his job specialty was to build bridges and when needed blow up bridges most of his time was spent doing administrative work. After his service was done Bobby returned to Fort Lupton and began to work as a part time custodian in Weld Re 8 Schools at the behest of his mother. Bobby’s mother had been working for many years as a cook in the Weld Re 8 School District and finished her last ten years at Butler Elementary. In fact, many of Bobby’s immediate family supported the Weld Re 8 School District through by working in several different departments. Supporting Weld Re 8 was a family affair and Bobby quickly became a full time custodian at Twombly Elementary when it opened in 1982. After just three years he was promoted to the Head Custodian and in 1989, Bobby was hired to be the Head custodian at FLHS replacing Steve Gonzales who was retiring. Bobby then worked the next 29 years at Fort Lupton High School until he retired in 2017.


As I mentioned earlier Bobby has now returned to FLHS and has made a huge impact. Bobby makes great relationships with kids every day. Students often spend time asking Bobby questions and get advice about life and school. Teachers love Bobby because he works hard to insure their classrooms are clean and safe at all times. In addition, he can fix most if not all issues that occur so there is very little lag time for repairs. Bobby communicates well with staff, students and the community. You can see Bobby’s attention to detail and commitment to our school at every event in the building. We are blessed to have Bobby at FLHS! –