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Principal's News



FLHS exists to empower each student to become life-long learners through relevant learning experiences in order to meet the demands of a changing world. 


Core Values

Valuing & Investing in People; Teamwork; Integrity; Excellence


Dear Parents and Guardians:


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As a community, the holiday season is so important as it helps us focus on what is truly important in life. With that in mind, it is important to remember the true meaning of the seasons that we celebrate. Christmas is a time to connect with our families, strengthen our faith, and unite our community. My hope for all of you is that you can take time to invest in the most important thing in life, your family and friends. In order to support students, it can be beneficial to find opportunities for them to give back to the community so that the holiday is not just about getting gifts but rather to give to others. 


Community in Our School

We have started a School Accountability Committee that is designed to support our community, our school, our parents, and our students. This committee is made up of parents, community members, staff, and students. Our mission is to connect our community to our school and our school improvement processes. All parents and guardians received an invitation to our open community meeting to share our Unified Improvement Plan (UIP) and our School Performance Data (SPF). This meeting will be held on December 3rd in the school auditorium starting at 7:00 pm. 


Additional Support for Students

This year we have been working to become very intentional in our academic support for our students. Our new Advisory process allows students to take time to check their classroom progress and set goals for success. Our LINK program has been working directly with 9th-grade students to support them as they learn to be effective high school students. Our teachers provide students additional tutoring support on Monday and Wednesday after school. This is in addition to the time that teachers work with students during the school day. As the end of the semester arrives it is important that your students access the additional support they need to be successful. 


Math Department News

The math department has been working towards finalizing their literacy goal that they will use as a focus to improve student writing, academic vocabulary and reading in mathematics. The team has identified what this will look like in classroom instruction and how they will incorporate literacy as a means of increasing student understanding and performance in mathematics. Students have completed some initial writing samples and gone through some reflective tasks to use as a guide as they move forward.

English Language Arts Department - Bluedevil English Language Arts Department - December and “Did You Know …?

The ELA Department at FLHS offers both College Board Advanced Placement English classes: AP English Language and Composition (juniors and seniors) ; and AP English Literature and Composition (seniors only). These two courses provide rigorous course content in addition to college-readiness skills and strategies. The English Language and Composition course content includes the reading of nonfiction texts in the form of essays, speeches, letters, and articles; and the writing of such texts. The English Literature and Composition course includes the study of prose, poetry, and drama with the writing of thoughtful analysis in each of these areas. FLHS offers our freshmen and sophomores PreCollegiate English classes to prepare for the Advanced Placement classes.


World Language

The Spanish classes of Ms. Garcia and Mrs. Balderrama are continuing to expand on the cultural topic of México. Currently students have completed a research project on Mexican states. Every Monday from now until the end of the school year students will be presenting to the class about a different state in México. We have continued to focus on grammar points to expand on writing, speaking, reading and comprehension. Spanish 1 has been focusing on using adjectives to describe their personalities. Recently students completed a poem about themselves and will be sharing it for an oral speaking grade. Students in Spanish 2 are working on creating a small foldable house to review the chapter vocabulary and to eventually be able to describe it in Spanish. In Spanish 3 and Native classes students are working on vocabulary and creating commands in order to properly write and share a recipe. 


BaKery/Catering Department

I want to say thank you to the FLHS Athletic Department for allowing the FLHS Bluedevil Catering to provide the main course for the Fall Sports Banquet. The Catering 2 class is a work-based learning (WBL) atmosphere where students get the opportunity to be in an environment that reflects industry standards and real-world applications.  For this event, the Bluedevil Catering class, Alfredo Andres, Elena Andres, Dylan Jaramillo, Marissa Loya, Leslie Rocha, and Preston Sneeringer did an excellent job. The skills these students focused on were the planning process, preparation of the food, setting up the event on time, serving the community, providing customer service, breaking down/clean up, and providing the FLHS Athletic Department with an invoice. The students that engage in WBL classes gain valuable skills and knowledge that they can use as they leave FLHS in search of a career or taking a step towards higher education.  


Counseling Office

Sources of Strength is celebrating a month of thankfulness throughout the month of November. To kick off the month all students were encouraged to send a donut along with a positive message to those they are thankful for. We had 325 donuts go out to students and staff with positive messages!


November 18-22 Sources of Strength is running a Thankfulness Challenge during both lunches. All students will have the opportunity to list 3 things they're thankful for on cards. The cards will be hung on the front windows.



Throughout the month students have been encouraged to use the hashtag  #FLHSthankful on Instagram and show things/people they are thankful for. Students who use the hashtags will be entered into a drawing for a prize. Follow the Fort Lupton High School Sources of Strength Instagram page at flhs_sources 



Students in the FLHS Drama Club presented, "How I Met Your Mummy" by Todd Wallinger on Nov. 6-7-8-9, 2019.  The story took place in an Egyptian Wing of the O. Howe Dulle Natural History Museum. The play was a side-splitting comedy from start to finish about people in search of the mummy, Yo-Wut-Sup!  7 students performed in a pre-act called "Mummy Vignettes" (actors: Salomon Vallejo, Maricheli Figueroa, Bailey Gibbs, Arianna Barron, Alan Millan, Sergio Sinaloa, and Raziel McGrew). The regular cast included 12 students.  The actors were: Paige Gibbs, Trinity Kirschenman, Ethan Campbell, Mia Mollendor, Ayla Martinez, Alfonso Rodriguez, Emily Calzia, Jayben Payment, Aura Montoya, Kazin Hoff, Sergio Sinaloa (cameo), Kathleene Grijalva, and Tielier McGrew.  Our crew included: Jessie Crowe (stage manager), Tiffany Garcia/Cauy Sanguinette/Gabby Tijerina/Jenna Luna (make-up), Brandi Horton/Aiden Montoya (lights/sound), Savanah Mallory/Alexander & Alexavier Marquez (back stage). Congratulations to this group and many thanks to all who attended.   We had the largest and liveliest Thursday night crowd and our largest Saturday night audience ever! We appreciate your support of the arts. 


Mock Trial

StuGo as well as members of the FLHS Mock Trial Team and Mr. Tomasek's PC Civics classes were invited to watch to the Colorado Supreme Court to hear oral arguments before the Supreme Court.

High Schools are not invited to this, however, because our FLHS Mock Trial team has two lawyers (Jacob Lofgren and Erin Grundy) who work in the Attorney General's office, FLHS, for the past three years have had the opportunity to do this. It is a great honor and it was made even more special when Chief Justice Nathan Coats took time after the arguments to acknowledge and welcome us to the proceedings.

For those that do not know how the legal system works here it is in a nutshell. You go to trial and are found guilty. You can then appeal your case and have it heard before the Appellate Court. If you loose there, or even if the state looses, you can then appeal it to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has the option of hearing your case or refusing to hear it. If they refuse, the lower court’s decision holds. If they hear it, it means there is something within the case that is worthy of the Supreme Courts.. Lawyers for both sides prepare lengthy briefs about the case that address prior cases. Those are submitted to the court and then both lawyers come before the court and have a half hour each to argue their case and answer questions from the Justices (We have 7 in the state of Colorado, unlike the 9 that sit on the US Supreme Court). It can take anywhere from 3 months to a year before the court renders its decision.

To be invited to watch the last phase of a case that started years is such an amazing opportunity for our students.


As we wrap up our Fall sports, I want to thank our community who came out in full force to cheer our Boys Soccer team to a State Playoff 1st round victory versus Manitou Springs. All the hard work by our maintenance crew, soccer team and students clearing snow for most of the day before Halloween allowed us to play the game on Friday November 1st, and our boys came away with a 2-0 victory. They then travelled to Roaring Fork, and despite several scoring opportunities early the Bluedevils fell short ending their State playoff run with a 2-0 loss. It was a great overall season for the Bluedevils and they have a lot of young talent returning next year. 

The Fall banquet was held on Wednesday November 20th and we honored several of our student athletes. Softball had three 2nd team all-conference selections which proves promising, as the team advanced for the 3rd year in a row to the State Playoffs. The awards went to Sophomores Taylor Fells and Gracie Brucato and one Freshman Samantha Gonzales. The Bluedevil softball team also received an honorable mention for Senior Maria Sailas. 

Boys Soccer had three 1st team all-conference players Julio Sixtos, Sam Pulido and Pablo Navarro. Joan Anguiano received 2nd team and Victor Pulido was selected as an honorable mention. Coach Suniga was voted as co-coach of the year, and it was well deserved. 

Football finished with two first team all-conference players Uriel Retana and Dylan Jaramillo. 

Cross country had Antonio Marquez qualify for the state race for his 4th consecutive year and Sophomore Kimberley Campbell was all-conference honorable mention. 

Volleyball had first team all-conference, Junior Isabell Hernandez and two 2nd team members Sophomore Melia Coleman and Senior Shania Hansen. The Bluedevils also had one honorable mention Senior Dina Zito. 

When all of the all-conference awards were totaled the Bluedevils had 17 all-conference performers this Fall, and it was great to see all of our athletes hard work rewarded.  We also had 17 students that were awarded with academic All-Conference which means they were a varsity letter winner and maintained a 3.5 GPA during the season. 

Our Choir, Jazz Band and Concert Band performance was held on November 12th and we had over 100 community members turnout for the event. See a few of the pictures of our young musicians in action. 

Please also plan to join our Winter concert at 7 PM on December 10th in the Auditorium. 

Upcoming Events 

The Bluedevil cheer team will be competing at the State Competition in Denver at the Denver Coliseum at 5:15 PM on Friday, December 6th, but please arrive early as the competition moves along quickly. There will also be a Spirit bus to support the team that will be leaving the high school at 3 PM on Friday. The cost is $8.00/student for admission and $2 to ride the bus. 

Bluedevil Wrestling Invite - December 7, 2019 

The Bluedevils will be hosting its Annual kick-off tournament with 7 other teams, the Invite begins at 8:30 AM at the high school Gym. 

3rd Annual Santiago Shootout - December 10, 11, 13 and 14 

The Bluedevil basketball teams have partnered with Santiago's Restaurant to host a 32 team basketball tournament for our JV and Varsity, Boys and Girls Basketball teams that will start on Tuesday December 10th for the Boys versus Valley at 7:30 PM and the Girls will get started on Wednesday December 11th at 7:30 PM as well. 

The tournament runs all day on Friday and Saturday so please stop by and check out some exciting games at the 3rd Annual Santiago Shootout Tournament. 

Please check out the fortluptonathletics.com website for up to date schedules and times. You can also follow all of our athletic programs and activities at @FLHS_Athletics. 

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