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November Monthly Newsletter


Attendance is the Key to Success

In order for teachers to support student learning it is critical that students attend every class on time every day. For teachers and the school to support student learning at a high level it is critical that ALL students attend class over 95% of the time. At Fort Lupton High School, we currently have an attendance rate of 86% which puts student learning at risk. Our goal of 95% or higher attendance rate cannot be done by the school alone it takes students, staff and families to support this effort. Please read about our support plan in the attendance letter that will be sent home starting on November 3rd.


Infinite Campus Updates

Parents, there is an updated feature on the Infinite Campus app that allows you to be instantly notified anytime your student misses a class. This is a great way to monitor your students attendance and support the healthy choices your student makes everyday. In order to access this feature you will need to update your Infinite Campus app on your phone or computer.


School Safety

In today’s world, safety has become a critical aspect of what we do on a daily basis. One small but important safety protocol that we have asked students to follow, and that is to wear their ID on a lanyard or pinned to their shirt every day. We provided free lanyards and the first ID is free. This could not be an easier or more effective way to support safety in our building. Parents, please make sure your children have their ID and a lanyard to help keep our schools safe.



As we all know, Thanksgiving break is only a few weeks away and it is a time that is often thought of as a break from work or school. Some of us see Thanksgiving as a time to eat good food, watch parades, or enjoy football on TV. However, the origins of Thanksgiving in America reflect a much different purpose. The “first Thanksgiving,”was neither a feast nor a holiday, but a simple gathering. Following the Mayflower’s arrival at Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620, the Pilgrims suffered the loss of 46 of their original 102 colonists. With the help of 91 Indians, the remaining Pilgrims survived the bitter winter and yielded a bountiful harvest in 1621. In celebration, a traditional English harvest festival, lasting three days brought the Pilgrims and natives to unite in a “thanksgiving” observance. Interestingly, Thanksgiving as we celebrate it did not occur until George Washington proclaimed it a National holiday in 1789; Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday in November in 1863; and Congress sanctioned it as a legal holiday in 1941. - ‘All about history.org’. “Meaning of Thanksgiving”

So, although it is fun to watch parades and football, eat good food, and take some time off of work or school the true meaning of the holiday is to give thanks for all the blessing we enjoy as Americans and for the people in our lives.  I hope everyone enjoys a safe Thanksgiving break with family and friends.


Counseling Office

Lizette from AIMS community College is available every Monday from 9-11 to talk with FLHS Students about Concurrent Enrollment/ Career Academy Senior Scholarships and/or Enrolling at AIMS after graduation.  Please stop by the Counseling office to set up an appointment ASAP!!!


Coffee with Counselors on Monday evenings from 3:30- 6:00 pm.  We can help you with applying for College/ Universities, Scholarships, College Opportunity Fund, Organization.  We are available to help other grade levels with Naviance information. Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.

Upcoming Events

November 1 - University of Colorado Boulder rep visit 11:30-12:30

November 2 - ASVAB test 8-11:30am in PC Lab

November 7 - Fort Hays State University rep visit 11am-12pm

November 12-16 - Anti Bullying Week

November 13 - CSU Application Day 8-11am


The current seniors have been given the opportunity to learn about the enormous support provided by the Bright Futures initiative in WELD County. As noted on their web site; The Bright Futures program was designed with one objective in mind–strengthening the vitality of the Weld County community through its workforce. By nurturing and supporting our young generation, we are building a strong foundation for a stable economy. The program is for qualifying Weld County residents who have graduated from high school, GED recipients and honorably discharged U.S. Veterans, after 2016. Qualified and accepted recipients receive financial assistance for pursuing post-secondary education or training from a Title IV accredited higher education institution or certified training program. This program is only for those students  who have lived in Weld County for more than two years. This program is very unique and a great opportunity for our students. All seniors had the opportunity to attend the informational assembly, however, if you did not get or need more information please contact the high school at 303-857-7119. All children will need additional training and education after high school so please take advantage of this amazing support.


Testing Dates

Here are the upcoming test dates:  Freshmen MAP testing will take place on November 15 in the morning.  On December 5th, all juniors will take the SAT practice in the morning.  On December 6, all sophomores will be taking the SAT practice in the morning.  


High School of Business, FLHS DECA, and FLHS FBLA


High School of Business

Students who are enrolled in High School Business are receiving dual credit with both the high school and AIMS Community College.  When students complete the program they will have 12 College Credits towards their Bachelors of Business Degree.


In Principles of Business classes students are currently completing Environment Scans for major companies. They will be creating blogs about the information they research.


In Principles of Finance the students are playing the stock market. They are currently researching why the stock market is down and what industries are affected the most. They are also learning about all the other types of investing.  


In Principles of Management the students are starting their capstone business. They have picked the project that they will be marketing and selling during the Spring Term. They have all applied for Executive Offices for the business.



Our DECA program currently has 55 members this year. There are 44 members participating in Districts next week in Greeley. Members are competing in most areas of the competition.  There is one member who will be running for State Office. Our DECA chapter will be hosting the District Conference this year and there is currently 383 members from DECA District 7. We currently have 25 members writing written events for State. This is the largest number of participation in the past 10 years.  DECA student attended Business in Baseball at the Rockies Stadium. There was 1,600 other Colorado DECA members who also attended this event.. The members were able to interact with the CEOs and Executives from the Colorado Rockies.



Our FBLA program currently has 51 members this year. Members are actively working on the March of Dimes project. They will be doing the baby pjs again this year in 3rd period classes. The class that collects the most money will win breakfast from FBLA.  A team of members also attended the Colorado FBLA Fall Leadership Conference in Vail October 22 and 23rd. The members attended workshops put on by business leaders, UNC, CU, Navy, Colorado FBLA and PBL Officers, and March of Dimes. The members also took part in a large Colorado FBLA Service learning of making tie blankets for Colorado Children’s Hospital.

Engineering News


Physics Roller Coasters

Students in Mr. Raedeke's Principles of Engineering classes have been creating paper roller coasters this month. Classes had a competition to see who could build a coaster with the slowest marble roll. In addition, students used Physics formulas to calculate average speed as well as kinetic and potential energy. Congrats to Adrian Medina, Ismael Lerma, and Jonathan Padilla who built the slowest roller coaster. That's some nice work, boys!