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Fort Lupton Bluedevil News
November 2021





Dear Bluedevil Parents and Guardians,


As we started the 2021-2022 school year it became clear that students were/are excited to be back together to learn and connect with each other. We started the school year with about 99% of students choosing to learn “in-person” rather than staying in an online classroom. Although our students are now attending in-person our teachers are still using the effective aspects of online learning that were used during the lockdowns. This includes things like having an active Google Classroom that students can access 24/7. I would encourage all parents to visit your student’s Google Classroom with your child. What has been a challenge for students as they return to “in-person” learning has been to get back into the routines of effective “in-person” learning. We are finding that getting to class on-time and basic attendance are a challenge for our students. I would encourage parents to sit down with your children and look at their attendance and grades together in November. If you find that your child is struggling academically or with attendance you can contact their teachers directly. It is critical that we all support our kids as they move forward with “in-person learning”. Click here to view the attendance policy.


In addition to academics and attendance,we are working to ensure that students are safe and have an understanding of what it means to exhibit good habits and the essential behavioral skills to be successful in school and life. We have developed a set of essential skills captured in our “Profile of a Graduate” that we will be engaging students in  throughout the year. Dressing appropriately for the school setting is another essential skill that we are helping kids understand so that they are also ready for work and college. Please click here to review the dress code policy with your children and help us keep Fort Lupton High School a safe and respectful environment.  


As we think about supporting our students coming out of prolonged pandemic restrictions both in school and in their general life experience it is important to consider their mental health as they transition to and through the “in person” experience. If you feel your child is struggling emotionally or from mental health issues please refer them to our counseling team, Mrs. Marquez or Mr. Padilla, so that they can get them the support they need. We are fortunate to have a strong partnership with North Range Mental Health and have a North Range counselor based in the high school to support our students. Although the upcoming holidays are great for families and our community, they can also be stressful for children.  Again, It takes all of us to ensure our students' success. You can contact the counselors at 303-857-7119 or click here to send an email. 


As we return to school this year it has also been critical for us to re-engage our parents and our community. We have held college nights for students and parents, Hispanic Culture night, and a new format for parent teacher conferences that included a twelve hour window for parents to come meet with their child’s teachers. This was done with the recognition that some parents work in the afternoon and evening and needed a daytime opportunity to meet with teachers. We are working to ensure that all parents can talk directly to their students' teachers by engaging in a translation support process to better serve parent access. In order to more directly connect with our community we offer the opportunity to help make the school more connected and student focused through our School Accountability Committee (SAC). This committee is open to all parents and meets three times per semester. This is an opportunity to learn about the school’s goals and give a parent voice to some of the challenges. If you are interested in participating please contact Deb Smith at 303-857-7107 and she will get you signed up and provide you with meeting times and agendas. Translation support is available if needed. 


Before we look at our upcoming winter season in athletics, I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the athletes, student body, coaches, parents and community members that made our fall season so successful.  Each of our respective fall sports saw incredible successes, and gains, all while being supported by engaged crowds.  Let’s keep that support alive as we roll into our Winter and Spring Seasons!  All winter schedules have been posted and may continue to have updates when/if modifications need to be made.  Please check events weekly to ensure no adjustments have been made and to have an awareness of locations and times.  We will kick our winter season off with the Winter Parent Meeting on November 8, 2021 from 6:30pm-8:00pm in the High School commons.  If you have athletes that will be participating in our winter season, please plan on attending this meeting.  All winter coaches will be present to conduct team meetings after the general meeting takes place with Cora Lanter, our athletic director.  It is also important to remember that all athletes must have a current physical and update their FamilyID with proper documentation before being allowed to participate in their winter practices, which begin on November 15, 2021.  Let’s go out there and support our winter athletes as they look to the successes of their season!


Finally, I want to thank all the parents and guardians for supporting your children through the eighteen months prior to the start of this school year and during the transition back to “in-person” this year. Working together we will continue to make Fort Lupton High School a great place for all of our kids!