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Fort Lupton High School February Newsletter


Last Month I shared with all of you the wonderful aspects of our school and community that I have discovered in my first year here at FLHS. The wonderful aspects of our school don’t just happen they are created by the amazing staff. Over the next several newsletters I will be introducing you to some of those amazing staff people who make Fort Lupton High School an amazing place for our students, staff and community.


Interview with Chris Glover

Chris grew up in Englewood and graduated from Englewood High School. She then married Mark Glover and has been married for 23 years. After getting married Chris and Mark moved to Fort Lupton in 1995 and started their family by adding three wonderful kids, Samantha, Alexandra, and Logan. All of their kids have been raised in the Ft. Lupton school system with the oldest being two graduating from FLHS. Chris has been employed with our school district since 2004 and was promoted to the be the manager of the food service for FLHS in 2011.


Although Chris started working for the district 15 years ago she actively volunteered in our school for the past 20 years. This support reflects Chris’ love for kids and her desire to support our schools. Chris has been clear that kids are the best part of her job. Chris’ leadership has been infectious with her staff and she feels that the only reason she is so successful is because of the group of people she works with. When asked what the biggest challenges are in her support of students she talks about the challenge of providing food that students want so that they do not leave for lunch and go to a fast food restaurant. This is challenging as the food service department has to meet their budget constraints.


At the end of the day, Chris understands that by providing healthy food that students want to eat including a free breakfast  allows all students to focus on school and allow them to learn at high levels. In addition, Chris allows students to work in the food service area to learn how to work and how we run a safe food service for our students. We all have our part in the success of our students!  As busy as she and her food service team are they still volunteer many hours to support community events.

Interview with Judy Callaway

Meet Judy Callaway a teacher with thirty three years of teaching experience in California, Colorado, and Michigan. Judy is an English teacher at FLHS who makes amazing connections with her kids every day. Judy’s connection to our kids is not by chance it is a result of her life experience. Judy grew up in a small town in Michigan graduating with a high school about the same size as FLHS with a  class of roughly 115 students. Judy’s experiences growing were challenging as she found herself in significant poverty that limited her opportunities to be successful. Judy could have let her circumstances limit who she would become but she knew that education was her key to get out of poverty for life. In her high school years Judy found herself the beneficiary of the Title 9, a program that gave girls equal opportunity to participate in sports. Judy played both basketball and golf in high school.


Judy worked hard in her high school classes and took the ACT test for college acceptance. Judy did so well on the ACT she was given a scholarship to attend Western Michigan University (WMU) . At WMU Judy majored in English, minored in psychology and studied for her Secondary Ed. License to teach English.


Understanding the importance of education, Judy now makes it clear to her students how absolutely critical education is for them and their families. She also understands that many students come in with issues outside of the classroom that might affect their ability to be successful. Judy makes it very clear to students that they need to focus on those things in life that are in their sphere of influence, namely their hard work and determination to succeed.

Judy believes that the core of a great teacher is one who believes that every child can learn at high levels, is an expert in their content, keeps current in their field, likes kids, and can puts this in perspective with the human experience. This description is a great reflection on who Judy is as a teacher and person. When asked what she likes best about FLHS Judy, without hesitation, will tell you that it is the kids. She loves the fact that students at FLHS treat each other like family and have a great capacity to learn and grow. FLHS is blessed to have Judy here teaching our kids how to be good students, good people, and prepared for their future


Engineering Student 3D Prints Prosthetic Hand

Senior engineering student Amber Crowe spent the past couple months learning about prosthetic hands as part of her project in Mr. Raedeke's "Engineering Independent Study" class. Amber chose the project with good intentions, "I wanted to do something that would help people. During my research I found out about prosthetics. I like a challenge, so I decided to try and make my own version of a hand." As part of her early work, Amber prototyped a cardboard version with a fishing line rig to close the fingers of the hand. Later, she learned how to do 3D modeling and printed a more refined version in plastic. "In the 3D project, I didn't know how to get the fingers to bend so I ended up designing my own constricting tendons with string. The hard part was finding a way to get the hand to close and open correctly." As you can see in the pictures below, the end result was excellent. "It's a stunning project, and a great example of Amber's personality encased in a engineering project," said Mr. Raedeke, "I like that she's not afraid to tackle difficult projects. I'm really proud of her work and perseverance."



We are in high gear for FBLA Districts. On Wednesday February 6th we will be take about 26 members to our District 1 Conference and Competition in Greeley. We have members that placed in the top 5 of their testing part of their events that will now be trying to place in the top 2 in order to qualify for State which is in April.


We are also in the works to host our Annual Gaven Hoff Memorial Blood Drive in March.  The blood drive will be on Monday March 18th from 9 AM to 2:30 PM.  Here is the link to register: https://donors.bonfils.org/Schedule/PreScreen.aspx?ReturnURL=TimeSelect.aspx

Jewelry and Metal working class at FLHS

Spring 2019 Fort Lupton introduced the first Jewelry making metals class at Fort Lupton High School.   There are eleven students in this class this semester and they are currently working on pieces that include piercing, cutting, texture and rivets.   In a few weeks they will learn to set a stone, solder, and reticulate brass. They will also learn about the properties of non-ferrous metals, how to manipulate those metals, and how to take an idea and turn it into a finished product.  Students’ finished work will be displayed at the end of the year Portfolio Review.


High School of Business

In Business Economics the students are learning how pop culture affects supply and demand. They have been researching a given product that has had a celebrity endorsement. They have researched the companies’ profits, supply, and demand before, during, and after the celebrity endorsement. On Friday February 1st they will present their findings to their class where we will discuss if this has made a personal impact on their buying.


In Principles of Marketing the students are in the middle of developing a Marketing Handbook to be used in teaching marketing basic concepts to the freshmen next year in Leadership for their community service learning projects.


In Business Strategies, the capstone class of the High School of Business program, the students have completed a full business plan. This plan includes their company description, human resources plan, financial plan, production/operation plan, and marketing plan. They have received their products in which they are customizing and hope to be selling them the 2nd week of February.



We are in high gear for DECA State. On Friday January 25th, our corporate sponsors McAda Fluid and Drilling took 17 of the 20 State Qualifying members out for their Pre-State Dinner. This dinner was held at the Bent Fork Grill in Loveland CO. The dinner was a 3 course meal where the members practiced ordering from a menu in a professional manner, having professional conversations, practiced appropriate table manners, and heard encouraging words from our sponsor Kevin Paschke.  Mr. Paschke spoke to the members about how it is not your net worth that makes you a success but your network that does. This is key as we are just 25 days away from our Colorado State DECA Leadership Conference and Competition. Please see attached photos.