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Dear Bluedevil Parents,


Now that daylight savings and spring break are behind us we are looking forward to a very busy and successful end of the second semester. The end of the semester is packed with exciting events, activities, and sporting contests. I would encourage everyone to take time to support our students by attending the school play, athletic events, or even their academic endeavors. 


Our school improvement plan for academics has been focused on student engagement and more specifically students' ability to collaborate with each other to understand complex learnings in each class. Rather than sitting and just listening to a teacher lecture, our teachers have worked to provide a learning environment that is immersive and engaging in order to support student learning.    


Teacher Spotlight:

Mrs. Thompson, an English teacher, works hard to provide her students with an immersive experience that allows them to develop their critical thinking, writing, and communication skills. In her class, students had the opportunity to learn about the Vietnam war through a wide variety of modalities to address the unique learning styles of each student and more importantly bring that historical event alive. Students listened to the music of the era and analyzed the lyrics, watched slideshows of the Vietnam war, read letters written by the soldiers who wrote home to their families during the war, watched and analyzed video footage of the war, and read diaries of soldiers who served, and reviewed interviews of those who were involved in the war effort. Students will use this experience to develop reading and writing skills with a relevant topic and their new experiences. 


4/21 Fort Lupton Career Fair 1:30-4:00

Any business interested in partnering with our Work Based Learning program should email [email protected]  This program includes opportunities for students to visit job sites, job shadow, mentoring, and internship opportunities.   The program is currently looking at opportunities for students for Summer 2022 and the 2022-23 School Year.


FLHS Testing Schedule:

April 13th - SAT testing  

April 14th - PSAT 10 testing

April 15th - PSAT 9 testing

April 20th - CMAS Science test (Juniors Only) 


April Showers

Spring sports are underway and April will be a very busy month for our athletes!  Come on out and support them as they compete in Girls Tennis, Baseball, Girls Soccer, Boys Volleyball and Track!


Weather Reschedules/Cancellations

Every spring the weather tosses out a few obstacles and adjustments are made to keep our athletes safe.  This can be frustrating, but we all work together to make it all work out!  Please keep communication open with coaching staff and watch for any scheduling changes.  


Notifications are coming in:

  • With the shifted schedules last season, physicals were done at odd intervals and are now expiring.  Please be sure to have physicals up-to-date to avoid missing any playing time.
  • Eligibility checks are ongoing, remember that if a student has 2 or more Fs, they are not permitted to compete until their grades improve for the next eligibility check.  These are run every Friday.  Stay on top of those grades to continue competing for your team!


A reminder about sportsmanship and attending events: 

Please remember that every member that participates at our events MUST adhere to the expectations set forth in the parents/student/athlete handbooks and discussed at each seasonal sports meeting.  This means that ALL members attending events are expected to be present in a positive and honorable manner.  IF you are found to be out of line you will be asked to leave the event and could lose attendance privileges for the duration of the season.  Please be positively present for our athletes and one another.




Student Scheduling (2022-23)

Counselors facilitated course selection in-person during February and March.  Following that, counselors have been reviewing student course selection submissions and ensuring they are appropriately aligned with diploma requirements. The schedule-building process will extend through the remainder of the school year.

  • Counselors review student course requests- FLHS/AIMS
  • Verifications of student course requests are made/Checked

Making the Most of a College Fair

Attending a college fair without a plan can be overwhelming.  In order to make a college fair as effective as possible, students must do their homework in advance. Good preparation includes some basic searches to begin to identify what you want out of a college (majors, location, cost, campus life, special interest programs, etc.). The goal is to have specific questions answered by specific college representatives.  Your questions shouldn’t be ones to which you can easily find the answer on a web site.


Are You a Well-Rounded Student?

It is advantageous for all students to be involved in clubs, sports, and/or community service.  This not only helps the student’s personal growth but will also enhance the student’s resume and college application.  Many colleges today are not only looking for academic achievement but also a well-rounded student; a benefit that may make the student eligible for scholarships. Involvement in extracurricular activities and/or community service is an opportunity for a student to expand his/her leadership and communication skills.  A listing of LHS/WPHS clubs is available on the LHS/WPHS websites.


Seniors – About Those Financial Aid Packages...

  • This should go without saying, but unless you’re paying cash for college, be sure to complete the FAFSA, as this will make you eligible for federal subsidized loans, which will almost always offer better interest rates and repayment options than private bank loans.
  • Make sure you understand the components and terms of your financial aid award package. How much of it is grant (“free”) money and how much of it is loans (must be repaid)?  Is the grant money renewable each year if the level of need remains the same?  What grade point average must be maintained for scholarship aid?
  • If you plan on taking out a Stafford Student Loan and/or a PLUS loan (for parents), find out how the college administers these programs. They may process these loans directly through the school (Direct Lending) or you may have to obtain the applications through a lending institution. Remember that the maximum amount a student can borrow for the freshman year is $5,500 (no more than $3,500 of this amount may be in subsidized loans). Parents can apply for a loan for the cost of education minus the student’s other financial aid.
  • A College Work-Study Award is money that must be earned by the student in a part-time job (usually on-campus) during the school year.
  • Financial aid packages from schools with similar costs may be quite different; this is often due to the fact that various schools use different analyses to determine how much families can afford to pay. It’s essential for this reason to carefully compare the financial information from each college!

Did You Know? April- Mental Health

25% of youth have reported a pandemic-related decline in their mental health.  Free, confidential therapy is available through #IMatterColorado.  If you know youth who are struggling, encourage them to visit to take a mental health survey and get connected to professionals for free therapy sessions. 



In an article in Psychological Science in the Public Interest, researchers found only two specific study techniques to be highly effective:


1)   Practice testing: students testing themselves through flash cards, practice problems or full practice tests on target material in a low-stakes, reduced stress environment.

2)   Distributed practice: conducting short practice testing sessions over a longer period of time between school assessments (the opposite of cramming.)  This requires the implementation of a set schedule for students.  Parents can play an important role in encouraging students to create and maintain such a schedule.

Important Dates to Note:

Prom - April 16th

Senior Last Day - May 20th

Move Up Assembly - May 20th

Senior BBQ - Monday, May 23rd

Senior Breakfast, Capping Ceremony, Pictures, Practice and check out - May 24th

Senior Scholarship Night - May 25th

Graduation - May 28th