Important Message to Students and Parents

Dear Parents and Students, 
It has been a great and safe return to in person learning and the high school administrative team wanted to ensure that parents are continuing to monitor their students grades, attendance and progress within our Infinite Campus system. We also wanted to remind and ensure that students who struggled and did not pass classes in 1st semester that they have a great opportunity to still recover that credit. We are allowing you to recover credit from 1st semester, if you are able to pass any year long class in 2nd semester with a letter grade of a C or better. It is also important to finish strong because you will require a minimum of 45% in your classes to be eligible for our credit recovery summer school program. If you have any questions about your students educational status or grades please reach out to their counselor. Mrs. Marquez is responsible for last names that begin with the letters M thru Z and Spanish speaking parents, and Mrs. Ferguson is responsible for students with the last names that begin with the letter A thru L. Failure is not an option at Fort Lupton High School and we are here to support your student to reach success. 

High School Administration Team 
Mr. Biner, Mr. Roedel and Mr. Gordon